Get Online with Lizzie's Web Starter Pack

If you're a start-up or small business and need to get your business online or freshen up what you've got,  BUT you don't have much time or budget to get things rolling, this package is perfect for you. The Web Starter Pack gives you a professional online presence expertly crafted by a marketing communications professional (who has 6 years advertising and digital agency experience at a fraction of the cost!). It only takes a couple of weeks to put together and costs just $1950*.

You'll get:

  • A website with up to 6 standard pages, social media links, email subscription (system dependent), a google map and a contact form (choose from a selection of Squarespace templates)
  • An instruction manual on how to update your website ongoing
  • A .com domain name (availability pending)
  • Professionally written content for your website
  • Up to 6 stock images to include on your website
  • A google business account which includes a google maps listing, google plus account, google analytics account and a professional email address i.e. (using gmail)
  • Facebook page set up and/or styling (profile image and cover image)

All you need to do is:

  • Click 'GET ONLINE' below and complete the form so that I've got enough info to create your site and wording
  • Purchase the package or email me about a payment plan
  • Await my confirmation email - I'll let you know when I've scheduled your work in and if I need any more information from you
  • Review the draft site when I send you the link, let me know any required edits (up to 2 rounds of small text/image edits included) and then give me your approval to send the site live

Don't put it off for another 3, 6, or12 months, you could have a professionally styled website and social media presence up and running within 3 weeks for only $1950*.

*Note: additional ongoing charges will be applied to your credit card for monthly or annual Squarespace fees (from $22 per month or $192 per annum), Domain fees after the first year ($20 per annum), Google account fees ($5 per user per month or $50 per annum). 3rd party prices subject to change and are out of Lizzie Henebery Consulting's control.
Talk to me about payment plans if you need to gently work this into your budget >

Keen on the package but want to check out my work first?

Great, I love a person who does their homework! Here are some sites I've created using Squarespace templates with content that I've written and images from both stock sites and from clients.


Yup! I created my own website using Squarespace



WEBSITE: EVOLUTION-TILING.COM (site still in progress)



Being honest:

All the things offered in this package you could potentially do yourself, but you won't because you haven't done it to date. If you've never done this type of thing before and aren't too savvy on the computer it could prove to be a very frustrating and time consuming experience. You could give it a go but would you know if your wording is good enough, if you're using the right keywords and if you've activated all the areas you're supposed to in order to make Google happy? I find most small business owners that try to do it themselves make a start and never get it finished and end up paying for something that no one else can see...  not a great outcome if you ask me!

I work quickly and effectively to get you an awesome online presence with wording that resonates with your target audience and uses key words and phrases for your services and industry. I use Squarespace template sites that can be updated with your branding, images (or stock images), wording and contact details, but I can't change the structure of the pages too much for you.

  • If you're thinking that you'll get around to it soon enough and will do it yourself... really consider if that's actually realistic. I think that if you haven't done it before, it's not your area of expertise and you've got a tonne of other things you need to do in your business then you probably won't get around to it. If you do find the time, will it be started and completed in the next 3 weeks and will the wording and imagery be right?
  • If you're considering going to a digital agency make sure you've got extra budget.
  • If you want basic eCommerce functions, say to sell 5-10 products, then additional costs will apply.
  • If you're looking for a completely customised online experience with extensive eCommerce facilities and special plugins, this is NOT the package for you... but please email me and I'll see if there's a way I can help you or refer to you my awesome web developer contacts.
  • I can't guarantee I'll get you on Google's front page, but I will set you up with the foundations to get you on Google's radar (key words, meta data, Google business account with map listing etc).

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Email me at or complete the form below and let me know what's troubling you. If you'd like to give me your phone number I can talk you through your options and what services I can provide.

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