Understand what happened and why.


Learning from each marketing activity you undertake is the best way to refine your message, channels and product offering. I believe every single thing you do in your business should be tested and measured, often, to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck and doing the very best you can for your business, your staff and your customers.

Reviewing the results of marketing and communications activities is often something that gets pushed to the side or is added to 'tomorrow's list', it is not giving as high a priority as the Plan and Do stages because... well the job is done right? Wrong.  Just like the race is not complete until a winner is determined and the chef's job is not done until the customer has tasted and approved the meal, a marketing project isn't finished until we look at the outcomes generated.

Marketing is not an exact science because we are working in a space that is highly dictated by emotions, personal preferences, assumptions, understanding and taste among other factors. However, looking at results and reviewing outcomes of marketing activities can give us greater insight into the minds of the consumer and bring us ever closer to hitting the mark that evokes a response and/or reacts in a sale.

I can help you review and teach you to read and understand:

  • Website analytics
  • Social media insights
  • Email marketing results
  • Survey responses
  • Focus group feedback
  • Consumer behaviour

I am more than happy to review what you've currently got in your marketing bag and provide my recommendations, I am also well equipped to monitor and report on your marketing activities on a monthly basis to keep you on track towards your goals.