Do you need help marketing your business to get more sales or better engage with your customers? 

Perhaps you're one of the many small business owners out there who has made a start but it's all come to a grinding halt because you don't have the right wording or you're not even sure what you should be selling or why you're doing business any more.

I can give you direction on where to start or where to go next as well as provide the tools and support to get things moving towards your goals.

Whether it's a website, public relations or social media project, no matter the marketing or communications activity I always follow the process of Plan > Do > Review to ensure every project is working towards clearly defined goals... otherwise what's the point?!



Know where you're going and how to get there with a clear plan. Let me help you with branding, product planning, strategic marketing plans and communications calendars.


Goals, ideas and even concrete plans are worth nothing unless you actually take action. I can help with anything from content writing to website creation and everything else in between.


All marketing activities should be tested and measured to understand your return on investment and to learn more about your audience, message and products. When you know more you can do better.